Freemasons Hall


Officialy recognised by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, London

Meeting Dates:

3rd Monday September to April



Contact Details:

Secretary, David Wainwright, 52 Greenfield Crescent, Waverton, Chester CH3 7NH Tel: 01244336283

Good ritual, worked with sensitivity and understanding, is the essence of Freemasonry. Since 1823 The Emulation Lodge Of Improvement has met to preserve Emulation Ritual, which is widely used throughout the Province of Cheshire.
In Unity Lodge of Instruction, brethren practise the various carft ceremonies in an informal atmosphere. They choose which office they wish to occupy, which may well differ from month to month. Experienced Preceptors are always on hand to guide and explain. Every Craft Lodge has its own traditions in working the ceremones. Unity Lodge never seeks to disturb these individual traditions, but lays the solid foundations on which they may prosper.